Hanzi is a feature-length documentary exploring international design, visual culture and identity through the lens of modern Chinese typography.

From the producers of Design & Thinking and Maker, comes Hanzi, a new film that explores a different perspective on design. Three films are all funded on Kickstarter! 

Chinese is one of the oldest and most used languages in the world, yet it is perceived as difficult to learn. Furthermore, there has been a lack of discussion on Chinese typography and its transition into the digital era compared to its western counterparts. Recently there has been a renaissance and reviewing of Chinese characters in Asia and internationally, with typography and lettering books often topping the best selling books, and more and more typographical courses and workshops being held in the cities. We think that’s worth exploring to the discussion of design and cultural identity.    

Collaborating with filmmakers from New York, Hong Kong, London and Taipei, Hanzi includes interviews from ShaoLan, founder and creator of Chineasy in London; Akira Kobayashi, a Japanese renowned Roman font designer; Sammy Or, a veteran Chinese font designer based in Hong Kong; also Ri Xing Type Foundry, the last traditional Chinese letterpress type foundry in the world and more, gathering some of the most important figures and insight in the current Chinese education and typography field. 

This film is not just about Chinese characters, and we wanted to keep the ideas and messages applicable to all languages and cultures. Exploring universal subjects such as "How does language shape identity? What role does handwriting play in the digital age?”, Hanzi encourages audiences around the world to revisit and rethink their own culture, language and identity.


Hanzi has been screening in film festivals, schools, and corporations! Visit SCREENING section for the screening list. Here are festivals that we've been selected: 

★ 2018 Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival - Official Selection
★ 2017 Urban Nomad Film Festival - Closing film & Winner of Best film
★ 2017 Singapore A Design Film Festival - Opening Film
★ 2017 Sidewalk Film Festival - Official Selection
★ 2017 Bali International Film Festival - Official Selection
★ 2017 Providence Art & Design Film Festival - Official Selection


About the team

Since 2012, we have been extremely lucky to work on two documentaries that have created impact globally, Design & Thinking and Maker. Both films were crowdfunded on Kickstarter, distributed independently, and have gone to screen at schools and organizations all around the world, including Google, Twitter and Harvard University.

Our audiences have shared with us how much the films meant to them, like a designer finally being able to explain her job to her parents, or a teacher telling us how the films have bought inspiration to her students. Thus, after two innovation themed documentaries, we felt like it was time to turn the lens towards our own culture and explore what perspective we could offer to the world.

Based in Asia and also constantly aware of what's happening around the world, we set out to make a film that's not just about Chinese typography. With our multicultural background, we’re grateful to have these interviewees coming from diverse fields and countries, to help us put together a broad view of what a language can present. 

Through making this film, we’ve gained a new perspective towards our own language and identity, and we hope audiences of any cultural background can have as much insight and reflection towards their own language and culture as we have.

Interviewees from the film: (in alphabetical order) 

  • Akira Kobayashi: Japanese renowned Roman font designer

  • Ash Henson: Co-founder of Outlier Linguistics

  • Ally Cheng: Font Designer in Arphic Technology Co., Ltd

  • Amanda Bogan: Student Of The ICLP learning program at National Taiwan University

  • Edwina Lee: SCM Manager of Arphic Technology Co., Ltd

  • Grace Yang: CEO of Arphic Technology Co., Ltd

  • Gorong Tseng: Font Designer in justfont

  • Ji-jie Ko: Co-author of "A Chinese Font Walk"

  • Jiguan Chang: Owner of Ri Xing Type Foundry

  • Joe Chang: Graphic/font designer

  • Jong-yi Yeh: Founder of Oval Design

  • Judy Lee: Head of font design of Arphic Technology Co., Ltd

  • Kenzi Itakura & Shu Kanbayashi: Signage Artisans from Japan

  • Michael Yeh: CEO/Founder of justfont

  • Nikhil Sonnad: Reporter at Quartz

  • Sammy Or: Font Designer

  • ShaoLan Hsueh: CEO/Founder of Chineasy

  • Winston Su: Community Manager of justfont

Muris LLC

Mu-Ming Tsai

Mu-Ming Tsai
Iris Lai

Director of Photography
Mu-Ming Tsai

Iris Lai
Emily Hsiang

Second Unit
- New York: Bianca Yeh
- Hong Kong: Mediabox Productions LTD.
- London: Panvista Productions LTD.
- RiXing Type: Together Ba Media
- Taipei City Walk: Zed Wang


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Special thanks to our Portuguese subtitles producer: Do You Mean Architecture.



- Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival: Los Angeles, USA, Nov1, 2018
Official selection (Info here)

- Urban Nomad Film Festival (World Premiere): Taiwan, May 21, 2017
   Closing Film & Big Prize (Info here)

- A Design Film Festival (Southeast Asian Premiere): Singapore, Oct 20, 2017
   Opening Film (Info here)

- Sidewalk Film Festival: Alabama, USA, Aug 27, 2017
   Official Selection (Info here)

- Bali International Film Festival: Bali, Indonesia, Sep 29, 2017
   Official Selection (Info here)

- Providence Art & Design Film Festival: Rhode Island, USA, Nov 4, 2017
   Official Selection (Info here)


- MaD Festival, Hong Kong, Jan 12, 2019
Info here

- Typemania, Moscow, Russia, May 27, 2018

- Surabaya Design Summit, May 18, 2018
   Info here

- Singapore Airline: On flight (around the world), Dec 1 ~ Dec 30, 2017
   Info here

- Jao Tsung-I Academy (饒宗頤文化館): Hong Kong, Nov 26, 2017
   Info here

- Rumah Attap Library & Collective: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov, 2017
   Info here

- @Studio (台中放送局): Taichung, Taiwan, Oct, 14, 2017
   Info here

- ICLP (臺大華語文研習所): Taipei, Taiwan, Sep 21, 2017
   Info here

- Institute for Information Industry (資策會): Taipei, Taiwan, Sep 23, 2017


- British Airways: inflight entertainment system From 2/1 to 4/30, 2019
Info here

- Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese: Dublin, Ireland, Feb 25, 2018
   Info here

- University College London: London, UK, Feb, 2018
   Info here

- Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands, Nov24, 2017

- Dept & Frontiers (European Premiere): Rotterdam, Netherlands, Nov 9, 2017
   Info here


- Brown University, Rhode Island, United States., April 7, 2018

Type Brigade: Vancouver, Canada, Jan 23, 2018
   Info here

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